The Sanctity of Covenant, Moral Justice and Prophetic Blessing


Completely Updated and Revised Book on a Globally Controversial Subject

As the spotlight of world events focuses more intensely on Israel, believers keep asking questions about the Promised Land of the Jewish people. Why is this small nation in the headlines so often? What is the biblical position on modern Israel? Why should the Church still care about Israel?

Since the book's first publication in 2003, global sentiment concerning Israel--indeed, the whole Middle East--has shifted dramatically, even among Christians who promote "replacement theology" and move to delegitimize Israel.

Now newly revised and updated, Why Still Care about Israel? draws readers into the heart of this ever-unfolding controversy. With biblical insight, thorough documentation, and a gracious approach to a topic that typically generates strident controversy, Teplinsky explains how the significance of this land affects every believer.

Every reader, whether idly interested or seeking depth on this crucial topic, will be touched by Teplinsky's thoughtful exploration of a people living in the front pages of prophecy.

Sandra Teplinsky
Sandra Teplinsky has been in Messianic Jewish ministry since 1979. She is president and founder of Light of Zion, a Messianic outreach to Israel and the Church based in California and Jerusalem. From an Orthodox Jewish background, Sandra obtained a J.D. from Indiana University School of Law, B.A. in Political Science from the University of Illinois, and Bible training from Talbot Seminary in Los Angeles.